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The main tourist attractions of Ayviri are the canyons of Tinajani known as Devil’s Bath, its geological formation is so capricious and impressive that it causes the admiration of explorers and geology scholars. The Colonial Temple dedicated to St. Francisco of Assis and also the thermal baths.


The islands of Uros are floating, built on the basis of Totora, in them live the oldest people of America, who preserve their customs and beliefs. The inhabitants live from fishing, hunting, handicrafts and transport with totora boat.


Located 38 km from the city of Puno, arriving on the island of Amantaní is living the same adventure of Taquile only that can go even higher, up to 4150 m in height. With equally fascinating landscapes, feel the peace provided by nature and appreciate the rocks carved by the locals, this ability is the differential of the island.


The island of Taquile located on the shores of Lake Titicaca belongs to the district of Amantaní, Puno, Peru 45 km from the regional capital that is the city of Puno. It has an approximate population of 2,200 inhabitants. Visiting the Island of Taquile is to live an adventure of resistance to gravity, the highest point of the island reaches 4,050 m of altitude, but from any point you contemplate fascinating landscapes. Its inhabitants preserve their customs and ancestral traditions of the time of the Inkas, through their clothes and activities, and mainly by their community organization.